Hello! Welcome to Greetings From Luna.

I'm Maggie, the owner/designer of Greetings From Luna. I create fresh and fun greeting cards and art prints featuring mainly dogs, cats and other animals (I'm also working on some travel and nature stuff).

My goal is to design cards that people will want to treasure and frame for their walls or desks to brighten up their day, and not just toss in the recycling after receiving them.

The name Greetings From Luna is a play on those vintage "Greetings From..." postcards and my dog, Luna (which also means 'the moon' in Spanish and Italian).

I'm pretty obsessed with dogs and started with drawing Luna. I started drawing when I took an online Sketchbook Skool course in 2013. Before long, I was thinking of the goofy and charming personalities of our canine friends and began my little greeting card studio here in Toronto.

Thank you checking out my store. I hope that you'll find a card or an art print that reminds you of your own furbaby or one that you know!

Even if you don’t see your favourite dog breed or travel destination (it's all quite new), don’t go just yet. I regularly add new designs, so sign up for my newsletter to get updates on my latest work (plus you’ll also get 15% off your next purchase!).

Now that you know what I do, here’s a little about who I am.

Hello! I'm Maggie Deuitch, owner of Greetings From Luna
My name is Maggie and I’m a self-described Crazy Dog Lady.

Seriously, most of the conversations I have with my friends start off with them asking me how Luna is. I started Greetings From Luna in 2016 with the goal of creating a unique line of dog-themed greeting cards to share with the global dog-loving community. I had a Maltese Terrier in my high school and uni days and now my husband and I have Luna, a beautiful adopted Chocolate Labrador mix.

My background isn't in illustrating, though I've always loved to draw. I was actually a teacher for six years in Japan before my husband and I decided to move to Toronto. When we moved here, it was a fresh start for me career-wise. I knew I didn't want to be a teacher, and that I wanted to do something creative. So, I dabbled in some dog photography and while it was awesome meeting sooooo many adorable dogs, having the pressure of getting "the" picture in the moment was not my thing.

I wanted to start drawing and signed up for a Sketchbook Skool online course. And from then on, I found how I could combine my love of dogs with doing something creative, and Greetings From Luna was born!

OK, so what’s with the travel art in your shop?

I’ve since added travel-inspired designs on top of my dog greeting cards as I have been bitten badly by the travel bug (you can probably relate).

Having lived in five different countries and travelled to ten, I love experiencing different places;

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Australia, worked in Japan, studied in France and now I’m based in Canada! Phew! At the moment, it’s hard to travel a lot, but I find an outlet in drawing the places I’ve been to as well as future dream destinations. I'm also determined to travel with Luna at least once a year, so you can see that motivation in my work, too. Current dream destination: Scotland.

Enough about you. Tell me more about Luna!

Luna the chocolate labrador, inspiration behind Greetings From Luna

Gladly! My hubby and I adopted Luna in 2013 through T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue. Here’s her backstory (what we know): She was found in Quebec and ended up in a high-kill shelter, from where T.E.A.M. pulled her out and into their rescue. She had clearly had a litter, but her pups were nowhere to be found.

She snores, she’s patient, she’s independent, and just a little spoiled.

She LOOOVES popcorn, rice and pasta and she understands "Are you hungry?" in English, Japanese, Cantonese and French.

She also sucks at agility class, though she could out-run, out-weave, and out-jump most dogs. I took her to a six-week course and she had the slowest time out of her classmates. She just doesn’t like the confines of a classroom. She’s an explorer in her own right!

Side note: If you’re looking to add a canine member to your family, I highly urge you to consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. There are many wonderful dogs, from puppies to seniors, mixed breeds to pure-breeds, all looking for their forever home.

Hmm… I like the sound of you and Luna.

Why, thank you! If you've liked what you’ve read and it sounds like what you’re looking for, then please start shopping! If you’re not quite sure or didn’t find the dog card or travel art you were looking for, you can always sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when I release new designs. You can also follow my behind-the-scenes on Instagram and Facebook.





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